International Sports Corporation

Welcome to International Sports Corporation, the owners of the H-Box® portable hockey box and skill development activity.

International Sports Corporation is engaged in the design, development and marketing of sports activity equipment.  We believe that as the demographics in the West shift that there will be more people, living longer, healthier lives.  It is our intention to be a key provider of non-sedentary forms of low-impact sports equipment.  Sports that will provide the thrill, and health benefits, to an increasing older demographic, that people used to enjoy in their youth, without the associated risks that so many of us who once believed we’d live forever, ignored.

Furthermore, we believe that with the right approach, we can provide sports activity equipment that will genuinely help younger generations improve their skills in the sport of their choice without the cost of normally participating in that sport in a traditional sense.

Our first product acquisition, the H-Box Pro Portable Hockey Box activity is a perfect fit as an initial offering.  The H-Box Pro can be seen – and purchased – at the H-Box Hockey web site.

If you are an inventor and feel your product might fit our stated mission, and your principles align with our vision, then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

H-BOX is a registered trademark of RSF Products International Inc. and International Sports Corporation.  The H-Box portable hockey activity is patent pending.